Inspiration Journal 2

Text is oftentimes used in ads to help evoke emotion or to better define the visual. In the analysis below I have identified 5 ads that are similar to the AJC Beauty brand. I will discuss why each ad is successful through the copy and elements used.

1. Lime Crime


Contrast is established in this ad through the use of a hot pink background with black text. The ad then introduces green, which is a complementary color of pink, to place an emphasis on the makeup products being marketed. The name of the color is “Serpentina” and it has been written in a bold, sans-serif font at a larger point than the following text. This assists with establishing a visual hierarchy within the ad. The ad speaks directly to the consumer by using the word “you” and describing her personality. Finally, movement has been created through the angle the text has been adjusted to and through the serpent headpiece the model is wearing. Overall, this ad has done a great job using text to highlight its product and create an eerie, spooky, feel that resonates with its consumer. Although Lime Crime has a completely different target audience than AJC Beauty, the latter can take note from this ad. When adding text, it is important to use a tone and language that describes the woman you want to wear your product. When you speak to her, she will be more willing to purchase your product, which will assist with building brand loyalty.

2. Maybelline


Maybelline has provided a great example of the rule of thirds in this ad, making it more dynamic. The viewer’s eye starts in the center with the bold text, then seamlessly moves across the ad, noting the results of the product as well as the woman who wears this product. “Open” is written in all caps to captivate women seeking a mascara that thickens and lengthens their lashes. “Boldly Sculpted” is also bolded because it describes exactly what the product does and the result women will have from using it. Although all of the text is white, it is clear to define the headline from the sub-headline and the sub-head from the supporting body text. The shrinking size in point makes this easily recognizable. This ad has a tone that speaks to a more mature audience. AJC Beauty should note the language used in this ad, the placement of the text, and how the rule of thirds was used to highlight the product.

3. Urban Decay


Take note of the softness of the word “beauty” in this ad. It is written in a lowercase serif font. Then notice the stark change “with an edge” has. All letters are capital and it is written in a sans-serif font. This contrast creates the soft but fierce tone and mood Urban Decay was aiming for. To reinforce these elements, the model was styled with bold makeup, featuring a smoky eye and a dark lip to compliment it. The braided hairstyle is the finishing touch on this edgy look which is currently trending amongst the women in the brand’s target market. From this ad, AJC Beauty can learn that even with minimal text, there is a way to speak to your target market via imagery.

4. Iman Cosmetics


I decided to use an ad that focuses solely on the product to add some variety to this analysis. This ad from Iman cosmetics focuses on the innovation and new technology her line provides. According to Morgan, it is difficult to replace a product that has been branded with a high reputation unless there is new technology that promises skin improvement (2015). Although Iman Cosmetics is not a new line, re-emphasizing the technology behind the line is not a bad idea. “Biggest Breakthrough” is written in capital, sans-serif font and is bolded. This ensures that the viewer does not miss this message. “Powder to Crème” is also bolded to assist with defining what the breakthrough (innovation) is. Texture is created in this ad through the use of movement from a powder substance to a crème substance. Repetition is used to create a focal point of the ad and the white space creates a nice balance amongst the information presented so that it does not become overwhelming. AJC Beauty prides itself on the shades and tones of cosmetics it is able to provide. With this exclusivity in the market, the brand should consider making ads that will highlight the technology behind the brand.
5. Covergirl


For my final analysis, I selected this ad from Covergirl that features Pink. This is another fierce ad that uses contrast to establish emotion. The use of “hot” and “flamed” in the next line allows the text to be playful and to successfully establish a mood. Movement is created via the placement of the flames around the model (Pink) and the product itself. Repetition can be found in her hairstyle as well as the flames, which make the ad more unified. I am not a fan of the body text of this ad. I believe that it is a lot of information that distracts the focus of the viewer but considering the target market of this brand the woman may seek more background information on the product which is why the text is there. Nonetheless, the point size is smaller so the viewer knows this is just supporting information that does not necessarily have to be read to comprehend the ad. From this ad, AJC Beauty should note the use of exotic visual elements to establish a playful mood that will highlight its product while still resonating with the target customer.


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Tate, A.(2015). We Analyzed 37,259 Facebook Ads and Here’s What We Learned. Retrieved from


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