Inspiration Journal 3

Visual – based ads are often more dynamic in nature. Since no text is used, marketers must be creative in finding ways to convey the overall message they want their audience to receive. In this post, we will examine a handful of visual-based ads and determine what makes the ad successful.

  1. Lancome


Lancome uses texture to sell its product without using text in this ad. The product is highlighted in the lower right-hand corner, shown as a powder that changes to a silky smooth creme foundation when applied. To entice the viewer and draw them in, the advertisement uses a technique called direct glaze. For this technique to be effective, the main character must have complete confidence in the brand message (Lasquitte, 2015). AJC Beauty should keep this technique in mind as it targets a woman that is beauty savvy and sophisticated.

2. Lancome


This is another Lancome ad that uses the same technique as the ad above. Lupita (actress) is shown gazing directly into the camera, emitting a soft but confident feel to the viewer. The ad uses color to its advantage by using a palette of neutrals to play off the model’s skin. The white space also plays off this color scheme and has a gradient effect that goes from dark to light, highlighting the model who showcases the look and quality of the product being advertised.The exact products used are also displayed in this ad and have been placed to the left of the model. This technique is called proximity, where surrounding items are assumed to be associated with the focal point of the ad. With the target market I have defined for AJC Beauty, I believe this technique of proximity paired with direct gaze will be an effective way for the brand to market its products. The AJC customer typically has a full calendar, so she wants to be able to look at an ad and see exactly what products are being used so that she knows what to get.

3. Chanel


This Chanel ad beautifully displays its brightening skincare. The product is said to leave skin luminous, smooth, even toned. To bring this description to life, the ad uses the rule of thirds and has three different products from the skincare line stacked on top of one another. The way the products have been placed creates movement and makes for a dynamic ad. The bright reflection around the products perfectly displays the luminous effect the product has and the cool color scheme used allows for a very sleek and high-end tone. This is a great ad for AJC Beauty to reference when creating an ad that will feature product only.

4. Estee Lauder


Here, Estee Lauder also uses the direct gaze technique (seems to be a popular tactic for cosmetic brands). Instead of solely focusing on product, the brand placed an emphasis on the mood surrounding the product. Cool colors are used in the background to create contrast. The placement of the lighting in the background adds movement and a dynamic feel. Repetition is used with these cool colors as they appear on the model as well. Her eyes are a focal point and feature a cool gray, which we then see again on her nails. Overall, this repetition takes us through the entire ad and reinforces the product. AJC Beauty could use this technique to highlight some of its eyeshadows and lipsticks/glosses.

5. Covergirl


This Covergirl ad features a full face of makeup. The overall technique used here is repetition. The same colors are used in Zendaya’s makeup, hair, and clothing, thus displaying unity throughout the ad. Although the ad features drastic makeup and is targeted to a younger audience, it successfully places a strong emphasis on their products and the versatility they offer. AJC Beauty can use repetition and unity in ads it creates to promote its stand out colors and to showcase the different styles of the women that wear the brand.



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