Inspiration Journal 4

This week we learned about synergy-based ad designs. In a synergetic ad, the company uses copy as well as visuals that will attract and resonate with their target customer. Some brands decide to take a minimalistic approach when using synergy while others fill the entire ad with irresistible content. In this post, I will explore various synergy-based ads from a number of makeup/cosmetic companies. I will then discuss how these ads relate to the AJ Crimson Beauty brand.

  1. Maybelline New York


In this recent ad, Maybelline uses metaphors to compare its new Color Tattoo eye products to chrome, which is a decorative plating added to metals. When people think of chrome, they imagine a sleek, shiny surface. Maybelline has successfully positioned its product and uses colors on the model to heavily emphasis the shimmer and high pigment the product provides. The language used in this ad is key. “Saturate your lids in liquid chrome” is in bold, making it stand out to the viewer. The word “metal” in “Heavy metal. I’m into it” is also bolded, to reinforce the metaphor. Instead of making a simple side-by-side comparison in this add, the brand creates movement by positioning the middle line at an angle to make the overall image more dynamic. Maybelline has also used the rule-of-thirds here by featuring a model wearing the product, the texture of the product, and the actual product itself all in one ad. This gives the viewer and prospective customers a “360” view of the product and highlights its benefits. With its current target market, AJ Crimson Beauty should aim to use the rule-of-thirds in a similar manner to how Maybelline has done here to create more dynamic and interesting advertisements.

2. Estee Lauder


In this recent campaign, Estee Lauder uses a celebrity to bring more traction to its new product. The ad features the model in a cityscape and reads “Driven by desire.” Through the use of this celebrity, the wardrobe, and the photo setting, the brand has attached a sense of drive and high-class to its product. The bold, red lip product is not referred to as lipgloss or lipstick in the ad; instead, it is called “liquid lip potion” to reinforce the class and status associated with it.  Like the previous brand, Estee Lauder has created an ad with the product in use and with the actual product in the same image. From this ad, AJ Crimson Beauty can learn how to create a mood that resonates with its target customer while highlighting its product.

3. Dior


In stark contrast to the previous two ads, Dior took a minimalistic approach to this ad promoting its makeup, which includes the BB cream, eye shadow, eyeliner, lip liner, and lip gloss. The ad is image-driven and features different hues of blue to add repetition. Blue is also a key color associated with “paradise,” as many people think of oceans when they see/hear this word. To bring the word “bird” to life the model is holding large feathers and has them spread across the width of her body. Her hair has been sleeked back so that the focal point of the add is her eyes and the feathers. The use of negative space adds to the emphasis of the focal point in the ad. Overall, this example should serve as a guide for AJ Crimson Beauty to create a minimalistic ad.

4.  Dior



Here we have Dior again, as it is the King of minimalistic ads. The collection is titled “Golden Jungle” so to contrast the prints and colors used the brand decided to use a clean, white background for its negative space. To bring the word “jungle” to life, Dior has styled the model with different prints and fur textures. The prints are all golden in color, so unity has been created between the wardrobe and the makeup that is being marketed. This clean, polished aesthetic is targeted toward women of a higher social class and the direct-gaze tactic used here speaks to them. Similar to the last example, AJ Crimson Beauty can use this as a guide to “bring its ads to life.”

5. L’Oreal Paris


L’oreal takes a different spin with this synergetic ad. It highlights the benefits of the product, beginning with a question most women ask when they are seeking a long-wearing lipstick/lipgloss, which automatically pulls the customer in. The words “8 hours” and “endless” are bolded to place a strong emphasis on the benefits of the product. The ad goes on to speak of how many shades the lipstick comes in and has a short list of the product benefits for viewers who are more likely to quickly glance at the ad. To add movement, the brand has placed an infinite half circle of its lip products on the right side of the ad. The colors are repeated consistently in this semi-circle (repetition). Overall, this is a great add to reference as an example of how to exemplify the benefits of the product AJC Beauty offers.



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